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Gather Basic Information to Contact United Airlines Customer Service

After booking a flight ticket with United Airlines, if you have trouble with changing flight dates or managing other preferences of the ticket, then the most feasible option given to the customers is when you opt to consult with United Airlines customer service because with the help of using the various contact options which are provided directly by United Airlines then you are surely going to receive appropriate assistance as these are the best mediums to select and get in touch with a virtual assistant team which is available 24/7 for the aid.

Get Through with United Airlines Customer Service Numbers:

  • United Airlines help desk number - 1-800-864-8331
  • Baggage service telephone number - 1-800-335-2247
  • For Mileage plus number - 1-800-421-4655
  • Receipts and other services - 1-800-490-2021
  • TDD/TTY - 1-800-323-0170.

How Do I Call United Airlines Customer Service?

When you need to talk with a United Airlines customer service representative, you also get ahead with the best option to select because then only you will be able to get in touch with a customer representative. But if you need to call the assistant and proceed with the simple steps, you must have access to the United Airlines phone number 1-800-864-8331. The easy steps that you can use to connect with a representative are mentioned here, and you will receive assistance quite comfortably.

  • Dial United Airlines customer service phone number 1-800-864-8331
  • Pick the language and go with the further voicemail instructions
  • Next, you have to press the option for ticket name or date change or any other variable
  • Now again, press the option for which your call connects with a customer service representative
  • When you choose the call option, and it leads to a transfer to the help desk, then you have to hold the call
  • Eventually, you will speak with United Airlines executives and receive an appropriate response to your queries.

Can I Use the Online Chat at United Airlines?

Yes, at United Airlines, customer service chat is yet another possible option to select for help. Thus, to learn the easy steps by which you get through United Airlines live chat, then in regards to this variable, you are supposed to use the following steps, and you will receive an appropriate set of help.

  • Go to the United Airlines official site page
  • Now, you have to select the help icon on the homepage
  • Next, scroll down the screen, and there choose the Chat Now button
  • Onscreen, you will have to select the "Let's chat" button
  • Furthermore, proceed with the prompts in the chat box, and you will receive an instant response.

Does Email is Available at United Airlines?

If you get in trouble by selecting the phone number option for assistance and you still have not gotten through with an alternative medium of live chat services, then in regards to this option, you have to use the email variable because, with this option, you can compose and send your query to the customer service team. The email address (customer.care@united.com) will be used as the best medium, but you should know it may take 24 hours to respond for the revert.

How Do I Talk to a Human at United Airlines?

To communicate with a human from United Airlines, you can chat with them and find assistance. You may choose to dial United Airlines contact number, 1 800 864 8331, and then follow through the IVR instructions which you receive for help.

  • Press 1 For help with mobility assistance with a wheelchair.
  • Press 2 To get help with availing guidance for lost, delayed, and damaged baggage,
  • Press 3 When you want to cancel a United booking.
  • Press 4 To contact a United Airlines executive.
  • Press 5 For help with additional benefits and advantages from United Airlines,

What Number is 1 800 864 8331 United Airlines?

The 1 800 864 8331 is United Airlines’ customer service toll-free number. You may dial the number and then communicate with the airline anytime required, as they do not charge at this number.

Can I Text United Airlines Customer Service?

Yes, you can text United Airlines so that you can notify the airline about your issues. You can send HELP to 26266, and soon you can find the guidance you are looking for.

How Do I Contact United Airlines for Refund?

A refund from United Airlines can be easily obtained for the canceled ticket through the call process. You can get through by dialing United Airlines phone number 1 800 864 8331, and upon connecting with the agent for help, you have to elucidate the reason for cancellation, find out if the same is refundable, and then place the refund request for the United Airlines ticket.

How Do I Speak to a Live Person at United Airlines?

A live person from United Airlines can be approached through the chat process. You could get help in real-time through the chat process. For this, follow through the steps below and find help:

  • Flick through United Airlines’ homepage.
  • Get on to their help page by clicking on the Help option at the top of the homepage.
  • On the next page, scroll to the given contact options and then tap on the Chat with us option.
  • Soon, a chat box shall open where you can get on and find the related help.
  • On the chat box, well explain the issues and find the help you are looking for.

Is United Airlines Supporting 24/7?

Yes, United Airlines has round-the-clock service available to its customers. You may hence choose to connect during the best time, which is either during the early morning or late in the night, so that the issues can be easily reached for help.

What is the Phone Number for United MileagePlus?

1-800-421-4655 is the United Airlines’ Mileage Plus number which you can dial when needed to connect for any special requirement when you are a MileagePlus member.

What is the Phone Number for United Airlines Accessibility?

1-800-228-2744 is the United Airlines accessibility desk phone number that you can dial so that you can communicate with United Airlines customer service and raise the issues that you are facing to gain help with accessible travel with United Airlines.


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