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Valuable Tips To Cope Up Your Lexmark Printer Issues Through Adroit Lexmark Printer Support

A Lexmark printer can solve all sort of your printing problems indeed but what comes along is not known to many users. These printers sometimes are affected with a lot of technical hiccups that it becomes impertinent for the users to call a Lexmark printer technical support number just to get wonder solutions against their glitches. However those who are struggling with any issue know their plight better.

Common Lexmark Printer Blockades

Some of the issues which a Lexmark Printer user might confront are as follows:-

  • Printer driver related difficulties
  • configuration related errors
  • paper jamming glitches
  • activation related blockades

Apart from these technical errors, there can be a long list of other issues which can affect you. One of the most common issue with Lexmark printer users is installation issue.

How to Install Lexmark Printer ?

If you are the one who have problems in installing Lexmark printers, then the following guidelines will really help you a lot:-

  1. First close all the software applications which are opened
  2. Now you need to insert the software CD of your printer
  3. After that you are supposed to click on the CD icon
  4. Now double click on the icon named Install
  5. After doing this you are required to finish the authentication notice and then have to click on OK
  6. Now you need to click on Continue and you will be guided about the Readme files
  7. Once again you are required to click Continue and you will be guided about the license agreement
  8. Now select the language by using the pop-up menu from the top
  9. After that you need to click on the tab named Continue
  10. Next click on Agree
  11. Further you need to choose the Operating System and then have to click on the button Continue
  12. Finally you need to click on Install

Through these steps you can easily install your printer without any much problem. However the ones who can’t fix this issue through these steps can contact printer tech support executives by calling on their Lexmark Printer customer support number without any much delay.

How to Fix Paper Jam Issues in Lexmark Printer ?

Lexmark printer users are also affected with paper jamming issues which they can resolve with the help of the following instructions:-

  1. First you have to clear the paper and to do that you need to remove the tray
  2. Now search for any damaged or jammed paper and remove it
  3. Now open your front cover and pull out the print cartridge
  4. Next remove the jammed paper behind the assemble of print cartridge
  5. Now lift the printer’s flap and remove the paper which you will find under the flap
  6. Next open the printer’s exit door and pull off any jammed paper
  7. Once you have made sure that all the paper path is clear, then you are supposed to reinstall your cartridge assembly
  8. Now close the doors and covers of the printers and reinstall a paper try which you have pulled off
  9. Now press the button named Continue to start printing again

However if you do not know how to fix these problems with these steps, then you are not supposed to be baffled anymore over your Lexmark printer troubles as you can get easy and effective tech support by calling Lexmark printer customer service number immediately.

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