How Do I Contact Toshiba Customer Service?

For customers who have chosen Toshiba, this company has never upset them. However, if you have shown trust and purchased Toshiba, there are chances that you might want to reach out to Toshiba customer support. If you want your local dealer contact number, then call 1-800-GO-TOSHIBA 1-800-468-6744. You must wait for some period. This is the simplest way to reach out to support; however, for resolution, they are going to offer a resolution for your issues.

  • Toshiba Technical Support: 1-877-689-4899
  • Toshiba Warranty Support: 1-877-689-4899

How Do I Talk To Toshiba by Phone?

You can rely on Toshiba's excellent customer support when you discover an issue that needs a resolution. You must tell them that issue no matter what it is. You have to reach out to the support team of Toshiba at the Toshiba phone number, which is 1 800 457-7777 (U.S.), as your call gets connected to the Toshiba portal, where you must select a language to continue with your issue selection, as we know there are various appliances of Toshiba you have to carefully select that one which you are facing issue with that can lead your call to support team of Toshiba where you must tell them what exactly are your issues with them after this they are going to offer a resolution for your problem.

How Do I Talk To Toshiba via Live Chat?

Officials of Toshiba are there for resolution over chat support. You must know this way considered one of the fastest ways to reach out to Toshiba customer service. Using this, you can get a very fast resolution. Toshiba has announced it to gain customer trust. You can also try out this method to get your solution.

  • First, you have to reach to Toshiba website (
  • After that, you must click on support. This can show ways you must click on chat support. After this, a window appears where you must let the support team know your matter of concern.
  • You have to click on submit, and this can show you a resolution or possible steps that you can take.

For problems that you might face, you can try to reach out to support complaint forms are an amazing way to reach out to Toshiba support to let them know what are your issues, and if you want to file a complaint using other ways, they are also explained where every issue related to services of Toshiba are given resolution.

How Do I Send an Email To Toshiba?

For issues related to Toshiba, you can also explain those to the officials after reaching out to the support team of Toshiba, revert to and wait for a resolution from their support team after you have explained your problem.


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