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A Simple Guide on The Methods of Contacting The Customer Support of Hotmail

Hotmail account has always provided the best services to its users, and it is possible because of the multitudinous features and user-friendly interface. You can enjoy its benefits and transfer the essential data in the most reliable communication form, email. Despite all the services, the uses can still face the issues in their Hotmail account. They feel that there should be someone to hear them out.

For this, the Hotmail account users can call on the Hotmail phone number, and then they can seek the assistance of the customer support persons. The customer support persons will cater to your needs and requirements related to the Hotmail account and resolve your queries. If you are also in the same category and you need assistance for any case, then you can get in touch with them. You can go for the ways mentioned below to seek their help.

Ways of Getting in Touch With the Hotmail Customer Service Number:

  • Call on the helpline number:

You are free to call on the Hotmail account's helpline account and talk to them related to the issues you are facing in your Hotmail account. When you call on the toll-free helpline number, you will hear the automated voice call, and your call will get transferred to the live agents of Hotmail. The helpline number will be available 24*7 for the users, and you will not have to think twice before calling them.

  • Chatting with the live agents:

You can also chat with the Hotmail live agents if you are not comfortable in getting in touch with them over the phone call. This method is the best if you are not able to connect with them on the phone. To chat with them, you will have to go to the official website, and then you can chat with them by writing your query in the chat box.

This is all about getting the Hotmail customer service. The executives will be dedicated to take you out of the problematic situation in which you will be stuck. Also, they will make sure that they go out of the box to resolve the issues.

How To Change Hotmail Password?

Suppose they are struggling due to the password change issues in their email account, the following guidelines will be the best for them:-

  • First you need to log into Outlook
  • After that click on the profile image
  • after that choose the option Account Settings
  • Now click on Security and Password
  • Next go for the verification of the account
  • After that click on the option Change Password
  • Now enter the current password and then chose new password

How To Recover Hotmail Password?

The Hotmail customers are stuck into other technical issues such as password recovery or reset issues which also need to be addressed in an immediate way then Hotmail Technical Support team will provide instant solution. The users who need to recover their Hotmail password, they can do so with the help of the following directives:-

  1. First open the home page of
  2. Now click on the option Can’t access your account
  3. After that choose the option I forgot my password and click on Next
  4. Now enter the Hotmail id and then CAPTCHA
  5. After entering the CAPTCHA click on Next
  6. Now choose a email verification method where you will get a recovery link in your email which will help you recovering your password

If you are not able to recover your password this way, then calling Hotmail technical support phone number or Hotmail Helpline Number will be much beneficial for you as it will cost you very less and your precious time will be saved which can be invested by you in any other valuable work or you can get instant assistance by dialling Hotmail toll free number. 

How Do I Talk To A Live Agent At Microsoft Hotmail?

Microsoft is a technology company that has been providing online products for a longer period. It has many users around the world; they are quite into the services like support and technical assistance. For this reason, many people prefer to use Microsoft products. 

If you are using any Microsoft products, and want to connect with the live agent, then you can opt for many ways. If you don’t know how to connect with the Microsoft live agent, then direct below mentioned ways. 

Ways To Interact With Live Agent At Microsoft Hotmail

  • Microsoft Live Agent Contact Number 

You can go with the contact number through which you can connect with the person and get real-time support. There are various contact numbers that are divided according to the queries. Though, there are some numbers that are common and help you to choose or connect with the relevant person or experts. All here you have to follow the words by them. 

  • Microsoft Hotmail Live Agent Chat Support 

Many people do not aware of the methods like Microsoft live chat. It is an option through which you can connect with them but through messages. It is somewhat similar to the phone number, but you cannot connect with the words, here you can send messages only. 

When you need a quick solution, this method could be a great option. It is available on the website; you can interact with them at any moment of the day. 

  • Microsoft Hotmail Email Support 

Email is another way to connect with the live agent. It is the method that is available 24 by 7 as well as you can find the solution of almost every query. Though, the only limitation is that it takes some time to provide the solution. 

In these ways, you can connect with the live agent, and the best part is that you don’t have to pay a single penny for it. All you need to share the little information for login. 

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