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How to use Google groups at you hands

Know the procedure to use Google Groups without accessing your Gmail account

Google Group is one of the top-notch services provided by the Google that provide group discussion features to the users where users can share their interest with each other. Users can access Google Groups on varied devices whether its phone or computer. A Google account holder can easily access the very features provided by the Google Groups. But sometimes many situations come when a new user face difficulties to access the Google Groups or its related services.

Access Google Group

Have you recently created a Google Groups account? Or you are a new user thinking to access Google Groups without your Gmail account? Then you can very effectively do that after reading this article where you will be learned about the step by step procedure of accessing Google Groups in various ways.

How to use Google Groups?

Do you want to access Google Groups? But you don’t have any idea about the process of using Google Groups? Then you can follow the below steps:

Create a Google Group

  • Visit the official Google Groups page and then click on Create Group icon.
  • Enter your name, email ID and description into the given field.
  • Choose your access level and set your group’s accessibility level.

Invite people to your group

  • Click on the group name that you have recently created.
  • Now click on Manage option which is available on the top-right corner side of the page.
  • Click on the Invite member’s option under the Member’s.
  • Now enter the email address or choose your contacts that you wish to invite.
  • After that, click on Send invites tab.

How to use Google Groups without a Gmail account?

 Gmail account is one of the most important things that must need to create a Google Groups account. But it does not mean that a non-Gmail account holder account can’t use a Google Groups. You can add an alternate email address to your Gmail ID and then easily use Google Groups as given below:

  • Go to the Settings in your Gmail account and then click on the Accounts and Imports section.
  • Choose the Google Account Settings option.
  • Click on the Edit email address and then add your alternate email address to your Gmail account.
  • After that, you can use this email address to use Google Groups account.

Use of Google Groups with a non-Gmail address

There are multiple uses of Google Groups if you don’t have a Gmail account. You can easily perform various things in the Google Groups that are listed below:

  • Read posts in public groups that you joined.
  • Search for the varied posts in the public groups.
  • Share something’s with the groups.

Some of the common things that you can’t perform with a non-Gmail address are:

  • Join a group.
  • Delete a group.
  • Post to a group.
  • Create or manage a group.

With the help of the above listed steps, you can access Google Groups without Gmail in a very simple and easy manner. If you have any other problem, then contact with the customer service team of Google.

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